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Our mission is to supply the best
quality malt to those who are passionate about craft beer.

Our craft-micro-malt plant is designed to produce a range of malt flavours which will support the craft brewer in his endeavour to produce unique tastes and aromas brew after brew. Our malt process is completely natural (only) using grain, water and air.

Walts Product Range

Barley is the most common grain used in the production of beer, barley malt contains high levels of enzyme content to convert starch into fermentable sugars.

Malt (for beer) is divided into three categories base malt, specialty malt and roasted malt. Base malts provide suitable diastatic power to convert their own starch and additional starch from specialty and roasted malts. Specialty and roasted malts have little or no diastatic power, but provides flavour, colour and body to the finished beer.

Make your best brew yet.

Walts Malting has always had one goal in mind, and that has been to help those who are passionate about brewing make their own amazing beer using our Walts range of malt. We are a proudly South African company where our barley and wheat is grown in our soil and germinated in the Northern suberbs of the Cape. We ensure that our processes is clean and free of chemicals. Everything we do is with the brewer is mind.

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We follow basic malting steps such as: 

1. Grain intake – from farmers and silo operators
2. Storage – by season by cultivar
3. Cleaning – removing dust, stones, awns from the grain
4. Steeping – to uptake and distribute of moisture and washing some microorganism, tannins, protein, acid, dust and loose particle from the grain
5. Germination – to produce enough enzymes (starch, protein degrading and cytolytic enzymes) and to limit rootlet growth.
6. Kilning – to stop the biochemical and biological processes, to produce specific aromas and flavours.
7. Deculming – to remove rootlets causing bitter taste.
8. Storage – quality control before dispatching.

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